How to configure Tomcat Exporter to scrape metrics from Prometheus?

How to configure Tomcat Exporter to scrape metrics from Prometheus?

To setup exporter, follow the steps given below:
  1. Install a standalone Tomcat-sever or as a container as kubernetes cluster.
  2. Download the Tomcat exporter servlet file in .war format from here.
  3. Rename the file as metrics.war and deploy it in the webapps directory inside the tomcat installation directory.
    If Tomcat-server is deployed as a container, use the 'docker cp' commands to copy files as shown below,
    docker cp metrics.war <TOMCAT_CONTAINER_ID>:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/metrics.war
  4. Download the following jars:
  5. Copy all jars to $CATALINA_BASE/lib directory.
  6. Restart the tomcat server and access http://host:port/metrics link to verify if exporter is working correctly.
To configure, follow the steps given below: 
  1. Open prometheus configuration file under prometheus deployed directory. (Default config file is prometheus.yml)
  2. Under the scrape configs, add the job and exporter as shown below: (To know more about scrape configuration, click here.)

  3. Now restart Prometheus server.
  4. Query some tomcat metrics to verify if Prometheus can scrape metrics through the exporter. 

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