Microsoft SCCM Integration for ServiceDesk Plus and AssetExplorer

Microsoft SCCM Integration for ServiceDesk Plus and AssetExplorer

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) integration helps you fetch workstation details from SCCM and add them to ServiceDesk Plus or AssetExplorer. 


How does it work?


The SCCM integration tool connects directly to the SCCM SQL database and fetches the workstation details. The tool  constructs XML files with the scanned data and adds them to the scannedxmls folder in the application's root directory. The application reads the XML files and updates the workstation data periodically.


Resource files to download are provided at the end of the document. 



There'll be three different connectors depends on the version you're running. If you have

ServiceDesk Plus build 9335 or AssetExplorer build 6131 and earlier then,  use the file named

Between ServiceDesk Plus build 9400 or AssetExplorer build 6200 to ServiceDesk Plus build  10021 or AssetExplorer build 6214, use  the file named

ServiceDesk Plus build 10500 or AssetExplorer build 6500 and above then, use  the file named   from_10500_ .



Steps for SCCM integration: 

  • Download the appropriate connector for your build.

  • Extract the SCCMtoSDPConnector zip file to the application's root directory.


Make sure that the folder is extracted with all its files to the root directory.


  • Open the command prompt and go to the folder SCCMtoSDPConnector

  • RunSCCMDBConnector.bat (if Windows machine) or (if Linux machine).

  • Enter the SCCM database details on the displayed form as follows:



  • Click Test to make sure that the connection is established. Then, save the configuration.

  • Run SCCMScheduler.bat to start the integration. 


Automatic Scanning

Schedule to run the batch file periodically by using a third-party tool like Windows Scheduler. Learn more about Windows Scheduler here.



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