How to check System Info using WBEMTEST

How to check System Info using WBEMTEST

There are issues where the Service Tag , Serial Number or other system information are not correct in the scan results.We can get BIOS & other setting from the wbemtest tool (Inbuild Microsoft WMI tool) and compare it with the results from ae_scan script.

To cross check the machine info use wbemtest:

Step 1: Start > Run
Step 2: Type wbemtest
Step 3: Click Connect

Step 4: Remove root\default and provide the below value in the namespace.

Step 5: Under credentials, Provide the domain admin username/Password

Step 6: Click Connect
Step 7: Click on Query Button

Step 8: Open the ae_scan.vbs script and find the necessary query from there.If you want to find "bios info" then search for bios and find the query , Select * from Win32_BIOS.Copy the query and execute it from the wbemtest editor.

This is just a reference. We can select any other query from the script file, each of which is used to fetch specific details from the target machine.

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