How to change the database from MySQL/PostgreSQL to MSSQL

How to change the database from MySQL/PostgreSQL to MSSQL

The below steps will illustrate how to do database migration:

1. Stop ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service 

2. Take a backup of the existing data and configuration under MySQL/PostgreSQL database by invoking the backupdata.bat in the location ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/bin/

Click here for instructions to build a test environment to do this activity before implementing this on the Production server directly

3. Invoke ChangeDBServer.bat  in the location ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/bin/

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to change the database from MySQL/PostgreSQL to MSSQL.

5. Start and stop the ServiceDesk Plus server once so that database tables are created in MSSQL

6. Now invoke restoreData.bat under and redirect the restore logs to an out.txt file, ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/bin/ folder. The data should now be restored under your MSSQL server instance. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore the latest backup data. 

out.txt is a file redirected to bin directory which will store the restore activity, it helps us to analyse in case restore fails.

7. Start the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus service. 

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