How to Change Service User Account for EUM Agent in Windows?

How to Change Service User Account for EUM Agent in Windows?

When the EUM agent is installed as a service in Windows, it will be configured to use the Local System Account. However, running the EUM agent under the Local System Account does not provide sufficient permissions to run Chrome/Edge browser for Real Browser Monitor playback.
Follow the steps given below to change the User Account for EUM agent service:
  1. Launch Windows Services.
  2. Locate the ManageEngine End User Monitoring Agent service and right-click on it.
  3. Click on Properties.
  4. Click on Log On.

      5. Choose "This account" option.

      6. Specify the User Account name or use the Browse option to select the user from the Domain.

      7. Enter the password for the specified User Account in both the Password and Confirm password fields.
      8. Click on Apply.
      9. Restart the EUM agent service. It will now run using the designated User Account.
If you have installed the EUM agent as a Service in Windows and you want to enable Edge/Chrome playback for Real Browser Monitor, you need to perform the above steps.

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