How to bulk Delete Requester based on domain

How to bulk Delete Requester based on domain

This is a sample python script that update bulk Delete Requester

It's highly recommended to take an application backup before performing the steps

A short guide on setting up python is available here.

Execution steps:

1. Download the attached zip
2. Move, configuration.json,, files to sdp_home/integration/custom_scripts folder
(Note Don't move configuration.json if the same file exists in that location)
3. Go to Reports --> New Query Report --> Copy the query to the query editor and run the report. 

Query to get the list of users based on the domain name

SELECT aaauser.user_id "userid",aaauser.first_name AS "name",AaaLogin.DOMAINNAME "domain" FROM  PortalUsers
LEFT JOIN SDUser sduser ON portalusers.USERID=sduser.USERID
left join aaauser on sduser.userid=aaauser.user_id
LEFT JOIN AaaUserContactInfo ON AaaUser.USER_ID=AaaUserContactInfo.USER_ID
where sduser.status='ACTIVE' and portalusers.userid not in (select userid from portaltechnicians) and
AaaLogin.DOMAINNAME = 'sdptest'

You can modify the domain name in the query. 
Check the output once and save the report

4. Now go to Admin --> Custom Schedules --> Create a new schedule as shown below

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