How to stop requests from a domain and send notification to the user for a specific account

How to stop requests from a domain and send notification to the user for a specific account

Use Case
When a particular account can only raise requests using Self Service Portal and not via email, the script will allow you to send a notification that the request is not raised and to create a request using Self Service Portal.


Install python in the application server. Follow the instructions  here (Preferable version 3.7)


We can create 2 rules

1. Send Notification that the request has been negated
2. Negate the incoming email from the domain 

First, we can create a rule to send the E-Mail to the requester using a python script. 

1. Create the below Business Rules in the respective Account & Site 

Script name py $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE

For the script to execute, the python environment should be set up in the SDP-MSP Server. Please follow the instructions here to set it up. 

Download the attachment and extract the file and place it under ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\integration\custom_scripts

In the server, under ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\integration\custom_scripts you will have to paste the below file and perform modifications. 

1. configuration.json - Configure the Outgoing Mail Server Details 
2.          - No edit required
3.        - Configure the email template.  

The above steps will ensure that notifications are sent to the requester.

2. In order to negate the incoming email, configure the below Business Rule 

Make sure to set the Execute during request to Create Operation only. When a request is created in using the web form, responses will be appended to the request. 

Note: Test the solution in the test machine before production. 

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