Automatically Enroll Users for Self-password Reset with External Database

How to automatically enroll users with ADSelfService Plus?


  1. The ADSelfService Plus server should have permission to access the external database server.
  2. SELECT privilege over the database table(s) for the user account that will be querying the external database. This should be an account in the database application, or an Active Directory domain account if the external database is MS SQL.

How is it done?

  1. Establish a connection with an external data base
    1. Select Configuration → Administrative Tools → Quick Enrollment → Import Enrollment Data from External Database.
    2. Click on Add New Data Source.
    3. Enter the details and click Create to establish a database connection.

  2. Fetch the enrollment data  from the external database.
    1. Click on to Add data fetcher.
    2. Enter the details.
    3. Type the appropriate Query to fetch data from the external database table.
    4. Click on Save to save the configured settings.
  3. To update the bulk user additions from the data source, periodically, click on Fetch Again to fetch new data.
A scheduler can be configured to search for new user additions in the data sources at different frequencies, as required, and enroll them with ADSelfService Plus.
Check out the detailed steps to configure.
Stay tuned to know on how to self-populate user information, using ADSelfService Plus.

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