ADMP Integration - How to automate AD user creation

ADMP Integration - How to automate AD user creation

This post described the use of a python script to automate AD user creation from request. This script can be configured under Request custom triggers and you will find more information about this  here. Integrating ServiceDesk Plus with ADManager Plus allows technicians to perform Active Directory user management operations right from within their help desk console. The Custom Triggers feature in ServiceDesk Plus allows the creation of workflows using Python scripts, to automatically perform AD user management operations, based on pre-defined conditions as soon as a ticket is created/approved in ServiceDesk Plus. 

Use Case: In most organizations, during employee onboarding, the HR department emails the employee details to the IT department. They, in turn, add the employee to the Active Directory. This process entails a lot of repetitive work and takes up a chunk of time, leaving IT admins unable to focus on critical tasks. Now, what if we told you when such request gets approved the user gets automatically added to the Active Directory? This is one of the many things that can be accomplished using the Custom Triggers option.

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Execution steps:
1. Download the attached zip
2. Extract the file to SDP-Home/integration/custom_scripts folder
3. Edit the file and provide the inputs, instructions are available within the script as commented lines.

sdpFields can be fetched from Admin -> Service Catalog - Additional Fields section.

4. Configure the script and its parameter under the Admin -> Custom Triggers. The script file to run parameter will be set as shown below.

Please refer to the attached screenshot showing a sample implementation below.

A short guide on setting up python is available  here

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