How to analyze when inline images crashes in Requests

How to analyze when inline images crashes in Requests

If any image on the Request description is crashed like the below image, you can follow the below steps to analyze the issue. 

Steps to analyze:
Right click on the image in the request description and click on Inspect, and there will be an IMG html tag (as per the screenshot below). Check the 'src' attribute in which the file path of the image will be given,

-> It will be similar to '/inlineimages/WorkOrder/1200000002/03a918363e3f4ecc990ea475854d58f5.jpg'.

-> You can right click on the tab and select edit as HTML to view the full path, if it is trimmed.

 -> The path defined will be under <Application Folder-> Inline Images>.

-> Check whether the same image of the Request description exists in that path.

-> Now check if that is the same image that has to be in the conversation with that 'src' attribute. repeat the same steps to verify the same with the image in the Conversation as well.

If the path is trimmed the image happens to break in the application. By following the above steps the same can be verified.

If the image files in both the paths exists, then by recreating the issue, logs needs to be analyzed further. 

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