How to add hyperlinks in Advisory for MSP Account ?

How to add hyperlinks in Advisory for MSP Account ?

Under Account Tab>Editing the Account will have an advisory field in which we can configure hyperlinks. However, under Admin>Oranization Details the feature is not available. 

Feature ID: 13986


1. Click on Reports Tab>New Query Report>Run the below Query>Replace your account name

select * from accountdefinition where org_name like '%<Account Name>%'

Note the org_id for the MSP Account 

2. Navigate to Accounts Tab>Select any Account>In the URL, replace the ciId value with the org_id 

For example --> http://servername:port_no/

3. Press Enter and you will be able to see the MSP Account Details in the Customer's Account's UI

4. Edit the Account and add the desired URL in Advisory and save which will be applied in the Advisory for MSP Account. 

Under Admin>Organization Details>Advisory>You will be able to view the contents as HTML. 

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