How to add Resolution and Close Requests using Custom Trigger (Python)

How to add Resolution and Close Requests using Custom Trigger (Python)

We can achieve it by using the custom trigger feature along with a python script. We can set a trigger based on which the script will execute, the script will add the resolution and set the status to 'Closed'

You can modify the condition for the custom trigger and the script according to your configuration and requirements. Please test this solution in a UAT before production. While implementing in production, test the solution with 5-10 tickets. Once your requirements are met, you can perform in bulk. 


Python should be configured in the server. If it's not already installed, click here for instructions. 


1. Download the script attached and paste it under ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\integration\custom_scripts. 

2. Edit the script and configure the required details. We have marked the section as #-------------Input----------- and have specified inline instructions. 

3. After saving the script, go to Admin>Custom Triggers>As an example, I've set to trigger the script upon selecting the technician to "John "

You can set the trigger as per your configurations. 

4. Once the condition is triggered, you can view the trace in the history 

Any errors in the process will also reflect in history. 

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