How to Hide the Solutions for Requesters

How to Hide the Solutions for Requesters

Logon to the application as administrator.
To Hide the Solutions In the Home tab, click on the Customize menu as shown in the below tab, and select on the Requester Home Page, 

In the theme tab , select on the edit button on the theme in which you want to proceed in. 

By selecting the Edit button you will find this script page, you need to delete the selected lines, from "Solution section start" to " Solution section end"

Save and Publish these changes. By doing this the solution hides. 

2) To hide the Solutions tab in the requesters login, you need to enable this setting in Self Service Portal. (Admin -> Self Service Portal)

Select on the Requesters & Technicians. 

Enable Hide Solutions here and save the changes, this will hide the solution tab in the requesters login. 

Save the changes made. 

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