How a email appends as conversation to existing request

How a email appends as conversation to existing request

The application append an email to a conversation based on the below criteria

1. Delimiter 

Based on delimiter configured under Admin >> Mail Server Settings >> Delimiter

If the email subject contains a delimiter matching a request ID, then it appends the email as a conversation to the ticket ID present. 

2. Message ID

Let's say, a request is raised by User A along with User B in the CC (Request ID: 123). Now, if the User B decides to create a request of their own, but instead of composing a new email if they Reply All to User A's email, clear the subject and User A's email address, and send the request, still it will be appended to the Request 123. This is due to the Message ID present in the email header. 

Even though the delimiter is not present, the application recognizes the Message ID with the request. 

The Message-ID will be present in the header

Let me show you the example in real-time using a thunderbird email client. 

Let's take 

I have created a ticket as and as CC. 

From the sent folder of Req1

From the Inbox of Req2

Now, I reply all from the same thread, remove req1 and add a new subject. 

I will use, Edit as a New message to create a new ticket

From Sent folder

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