How is CPU Utilization calculated for AIX server?

How is CPU Utilization calculated for AIX server?

CPU Utilization

We use the following methods of calculation for CPU Utilization when lparstat command is supported:

Method 1: If   'type=Dedicated ', then we use the vmstat command output. (i.e) cpu =100-Idle Time
Method 2: If 'type=Shared' , ' mode=UnCapped', and 'smt=On' , then cpu =lcpu/2
Method 3: If  'type=Shared' , ' mode=UnCapped', and  'smt' is disabled or not available , then cpu =lcpu
Method 4: If  'type=Shared' , ' mode=UnCapped', and  'smt=x' , then cpu =lcpu/x
Method 5: If  'type=Shared' , and ' mode=Capped', then cpu =ent

CPU Utilization can be calculated by replacing  cpu (calculated from the above methods) in the below calculation:

CPU Utilization %=(physc*100)/cpu

CPU Core Utilization

If you have multiple cores, we show individual CPU cores usage calculation we use the below command and this is shown in a different tab (there is a separate CPU tab where this individual cores usage is shown).

Command:  sar -u -P ALL 1 3

Note: These calculations are based on the feedback from our customers who are AIX admins/users.