How do I monitor Oracle Alert Logs?

How do I monitor Oracle Alert Logs?

Alert Log monitoring in Applications Manager is not enabled by default. Here is how you can enable monitoring of Alert Log statistics:

  • Go to the Admin tab.
  • Click Performance Polling under Discovery and Data Collection.
  • Under Performance Data Collection, click on the Optimize Data Collection tab.
  • Select Oracle from the Monitor Type drop-down menu.
  • Select Oracle Alert Log from the metric drop-down menu.
  • Select how you wish to configure the Alert Log Statistics:
    • By Monitor Type - This will be the default polling status, for any new monitor added. All the monitors of this type will have the default polling status, until any exclusive customization is performed. You can choose between three different polling settings: Never collect data, Collect data at every poll and Collect data at customized time interval. Changing the polling status of 'Monitor Type', will also change any configuration done for its 'Monitors'.
    • By Monitors - Use this option to change the polling status of a particular monitor(s).
Please check that you have followed the prerequisites mentioned in this link when configuring the monitor.

FAQ: I enabled monitoring of Alert Log statistics but no data is being displayed in the Alert Log tab.

We show only recent alert logs (last 30 minutes of alerts) in every poll. To view alerts generated for past 24 hours, click View Alert Log History.

Oracle DB Alert log monitoring is supported for version Oracle 11g and above only.