How do I convert the database from PGSQL to MSSQL?

How do I convert the database from PGSQL to MSSQL?

Step 1: Stop ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus – MSP service.

Step 2:
 Take a backup of the existing data and configuration under PGSQL database.

Open CMD as an admin and execute 
 command to start the data backup.


This backup will be stored under the Backup folder in ServiceDeskPlus – MSP Home directory.

Step 3: Open database setup wizard using the below command,


Step 4:
 Provide the details of the SQL server (i.e.) Host name, username and password and click Test, By doing this, we will be able to check the connectivity with the SQL server. The message should say connection established. Then click Save.



Step 5: Start and stop the ServiceDeskPlus – MSP service once.

NOTE: A database called ServiceDesk would be created in the SQL server.

Step 6: Now open the restore process wizard using below command,


The data should now be restored under your MSSQL server instance. Follow the on screen instructions to restore the latest backup data performed in step 2.

Step 7: Start ManageEngine ServiceDeskPlus – MSP service once the restore process is complete.

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