How can I verify SNMP connection and the OID values ?

How can I verify SNMP connection and the OID values ?

If you want to verify if SNMP service is running fine in your server and check if the SNMP connection to the server is established, you can download and install our free tool MibBrowser.  This tool can also be used to verify the values returned by OIDs.
After downloading, installing and starting the tool, follow the steps given below:
  1. Configure the settings such as host, port, SNMP version and other security parameters of the target server.
  2. To check whether the SNMP connection to the server is established, expand any loaded mib files in the left panel of the MibBrowser tool. Select any node/attribute and click on "GET SNMP variable" operation or right click the node/attribute and select "GET".
  3. If the connection is successful, the value associated with the node/attribute will be displayed, else appropriate error message will be shown.
  4. To check the values of particular attribute/ OID, load the corresponding MIB file to the tool.
  5. Once the MIB is loaded, it will be present in the left panel under Loaded MibModules. Expand the Mib file and select the attribute. Click on "GET SNMP variable" operation or right click the node and select "GET". The value associated will be displayed. Any failures will also be displayed in the tool with appropriate error message
Tip : Instead of loading the MIB and selecting the attribute/OID, you can specify the OID directly under Object ID field and click on  "GET SNMP variable"  operation.

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