How can I build a test environment for ServiceDeskPlus-MSP?

How can I build a test environment for ServiceDeskPlus-MSP?

When you are planning to upgrade ServiceDeskPlus-MSP to the latest version or if you are planning to try Beta Service Pack (PPM) , it is highly advisable to try the upgrade on the test environment ONLY first so that you will be confident about the upgrade on the Production server.

Steps to follow : 

Step 1: Stop Manage Engine ServiceDeskPlus-MSP service on the production server.

Step 2:  From command prompt, go to \ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin directory and execute  trimmedBackUpData.bat  command to start the Trimmed data backup. 

Trimmed means: Attachments, Custom images will not be present in the backup file. It is enough to create a test environment.

 Once the backup is complete, a backup file with .data extension is placed in the trimmedbackup folder under \ManageEngine\ServiceDesk Plus MSP directory. This backup file contains information such as the Build number of ServiceDesk Plus MSP, date and time of when the backup was performed.

Here is the format of the backup file.
“Backup_ ServiceDeskPlus MSP_ [Build number] _Month _date _ Year _ Hour _Minutes”

For example, a backup taken in Version 9.4 and Build 9400 of ServiceDeskPlus MSP looks like this


Data should be restored ONLY across the same builds of the ServiceDeskPlus MSP version. (i.e.) data backed up in 9400 builds of ServiceDeskPlus-MSP can be restored only in 9400 builds. Please make sure old build (Production set up) and new build (test set up) are of the same build versions. You can download our old release builds from this link.
Step 3:   Install ServiceDeskPlus-MSP  on the new Test server with the same build.

Build version can be checked, b
y either of the below ways

1. Help->About in the application. [OR]

2. From buildInfo.xml file under \ManageEngineServicedeskPlus MSP\Conf directory.

Make sure the test and production instance shows the same build number before proceeding with the next step.

Step 4 : Now start and shut down the Test set up application once. 

Step 5: Copy the backup taken from the production server to the Test server.

Step 6: To restore the backed up data, Go to ManageEngine\ServiceDesk Plus MSP\bin directory and execute restoreData.bat. Choose the backup file while prompted as in the screenshot given below,
C: \Ma
nageEngine\ServiceDesk Plus MSP\bin>restoreData.bat

You would be asked for backup password while restore is initiated. Default Backup password: SDP123!

Step 7:  Once the data is restored successfully, Stop mail fetching before starting the UAT application. You don’t want it stealing emails that should be going into your production system. 

Step 8:  Start the Test ServiceDesk Plus MSP server and check the data. You can login with the same login credentials in the test server as the data is restored.

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