Getting Started with ManageEngine CloudDNS

Getting Started with ManageEngine CloudDNS

Introduction to ManageEngine CloudDNS

ManageEngine CloudDNS is ManageEngine's first critical DNS infrastructure management product to enrich your experience in the internet landscape. CloudDNS enables you to effortlessly manage DNS records and optimize DNS traffic while ensuring high availability, security, and resiliency.


It was mainly designed and developed to help startups, SMBs, enterprises and businesses of all sizes running mission-critical digital services relying on Content Delivery Networks for optimized global app delivery in the web ecosystem.

Plans and Pricing Information

Like other Managed DNS service providers in the market, ManageEngine CloudDNS offers its rich set of features and functionalities on a subscription basis.

For startups and SMBs with business plans that require a relatively limited number of domains or queries per second (QPS) can opt for the Basic or the Standard Plan. The Free plan accommodates only one user with provisions for hosting one domain, ten records and is restricted towards handling a total query volume not exceeding 10K. The free plan does not offer the provision of delivering customized domain responses with Filters, DNSSEC, integrated resource health checks, and renders no DNS analytics data.


The Premium and The Enterprise plans offer wider feature sets like customized traffic steering, proactive monitoring along with failover mappings with effective load balancing strategies for defining custom experience for your end users that's optimized for their location and network, and more deep level comprehensive analytics.


Benefits of subscribing to ManageEngine CloudDNS 


The following are the unique set of benefits you get to experience subscribing to CloudDNS compared to other competitors in the market:

  1. No additional charges for Geo, IP and ASN based routing of DNS queries.

  2. No additional charges for every polling done by the configured monitor.

  3. The Total number of records allocated can be used across any domains.

  4. No additional charges for premium support. CloudDNS offers premium dedicated account support is offered for all plans under CloudDNS.


You can also get started anytime with a 30-day FREE trial with access to all Enterprise features!

How to get started with ManageEngine CloudDNS?


Following are the basic steps to be followed, for getting started with ManageEngine CloudDNS:


  1. Create a verified Zoho account or skip if you are already into Zoho services

  2. Access ManageEngine CloudDNS on

  3. Create your organization account and choose a suitable plan of subscription according to your requirements

  4. Add your team members into your organization account

  5. Import DNS zones and records from your previous DNS provider or configure new zones and records with CloudDNS

  6. Integrate monitoring capabilities along with failover mapping

  7. Configure Filters to control routing and to deliver customized online responses

  8. Verify DNS configurations in ManageEngine CloudDNS by testing DNS delegations

  9. Go live with ManageEngine CloudDNS DNS resource records

Wait for 24 hours for changes to effectively propagate throughout the internet landscape.

Reach out to for any product-related queries.

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