Configure Apache "server-status" page

Configure Apache "server-status" page

This error occurs when Client is denied to access "server-status" page due to the missing configuration in Apache Server. Make below changes in httpd.conf file to fix the issue

Step 1: Load Status Module

  1. Search for the line "LoadModule status_module modules/"
  2. Uncomment the line. [Remove the '#' at the beginning of the line "LoadModule status_module modules/" ]
  3. Leave it as such if it is already uncommented

Step 2: Change access permission for server-status

For Apache (v2.4)

<Location "/server-status">
      SetHandler server-status
            Require all granted

For Apache (v2.2)

<Location /server-status>
      SetHandler server-status
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all

Note:  Don't forget to restart Apache after doing the steps

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