General FAQs

General FAQs

While adding the Web Transaction Monitor I get the message 'Service is not running. Web Transaction Agent may not have been deployed’. This happens even when I have deployed the agent in my application server.

Check if the Web Transaction Agent is deployed correctly in the application server. Look for the message 'Problem while starting the agent web server' in the startup logs of the applications server. If this message is present it means that there was a problem in deploying the web transaction agent. The exception should provide the exact root cause of the issue.

The web transaction agent, by default, starts on port 55555. Check if this port is preoccupied. Refer the help for changing the default port.

The Web Transaction Monitor gets added successfully but in the details page I get the message 'No transaction data available'.
This is because no URLs were executed in the application server after deploying the web transaction agent. Execute few URLs in the application server and check if they appear in the details page.

Though there are repeated executions of URLs in the application server I don't find the data being updated in the Applications Manager client.
The Web Transaction agent uses a configuration parameter called 'Sampling Factor' to collect the metrics. By default this parameter is configured as 100. This means that for every 100 executions of an URL only one statistic is collected in the agent. Refer Help for more details on configuring sampling factor.
Also the agent does not maintain the history of the URLs executed. Only the latest execution of an URL gets stored in the agent.
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