Steps for taking Full Backup

Steps for taking Full Backup

The following instructions is to perform a manual backup in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP,

Step 1: Stop ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus – MSP service.

Step 2: From the command prompt, go to [ServiceDesk Plus-MSP-Home]\bin directory and execute backUpData.bat command to start the backup.
Where, ServiceDesk Plus-MSP-Home -> C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP


Once the backup is complete, a backup file with .data extension is placed in the Backup folder under ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home directory. This backup file contains information such as, the Build number of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP, and also the date and time when the backup was performed.

The format of the backup file is shown below,

Backup_ ServiceDesk_ [Build number] _Month _date _ Year _ Hour _Minutes

For example, a backup taken in Version 8.1 and Build 8104 of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP looks like this

Please note – From 8210 build backup files (.data files) will be created under <ProductHome>/<backup>/<backup_servicedesk_821X> folder in which there will  be multiple parts in it. Example – backup_servicedesk_821X_fullbackup_<date> and backup_servicedesk_821X_fullbackup_<date>

This complete folder is your backup of the database.

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