Frequently asked questions - SAP monitor

Frequently asked questions - SAP monitor

1. SAP monitor's Health is always critical/warning state along with "System Error occurred" alert message. What should I do?
  1. These alerts are triggered when Applications manager receives Alerts from the SAP server itself.
  2. The same can be viewed under 'Alarms' tab of SAP monitor.
  3. These alerts can be cleared either in the SAP server or using the 'Complete Alarms' option from Applications Manager.

2. How to Filter SAP Alerts shown in SAP Monitor Details Page -> Alarms Tab

Filter Alarms option is given in Alarms Tab which allows you to filter the alerts generated in SAP server by monitoring only the selected set of filters.
Clicking the Filter Alarms button opens up a new popup window, wherein the following details will be displayed in their respective dropdowns

To get more filter options , you can make changes to keys in the file present in the <AppManager_home>\conf  directory.
Note: Any change you make in this file will work only if you restart Applications Manager.
The table below defines the default values for the keys. You can add/delete/ modify the values to customize alerts according to your requirement.

Default Value

Alerts from SAP server will be fetched from the Tree elements mentioned here and shown in Applications Manager SAP monitor

 Enter the name of the MTEs in following format:
 • 'Shortname-Objectname' -> Monitor Tree Element (MTE) with the mentioned Object name and shortname will be filtered. Eg: 'Shortdumps-R3Abap'
 • 'Shortname' -> All the Monitor Tree Elements (MTE) with the shortname 'Utilisation' will be filtered. Eg: 'Utilisation'

Enter MTE's Object Name to get all the sub module names/filters in Alarms Filter page
Eg : 'Dialog'

If the SAP alerts time shown in Applications Manager are wrong, the offset value should be mentioned here.
For ex: If SAP alert time shown in APM is 2 hours ahead of actual time, we need to enter value as -2

Default  filters :
Shortdumps, AbortedJobs, AbapErrorInUpdate, BasisSystem, Database, CCMS, Background, Communication, Spool, Security, TransportSystem, BatchInput, Applications, Customer, Miscellaneous, SyslogFreq, Shortdumps Frequency

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