FOS Notification Mail Related Details

FOS Notification Mail Related Details

Case 1 : Master FOS service , Master MSP Service , Slave FOS service will alone gets started in services.msc (windows). Slave MSP service will always be in down status. (Refer Case 1 in below table which is default status when the FOS is enabled) 

Case 2 : When the Master set up goes down , Slave FOS service will automatically start the Slave MSP service and it will serve the user. If any of the Master MSP Service or Master FOS Service goes down , the other will automatically goes down. Here you will be notified as mentioned below to the configured email address.


Case 3 : When the Slave FOS Service goes down, then the Master Service will trigger an email stating the slave FOS is down.


Please note , When Server A is started as Master and Server B is started as Slave , then even during crash of Master , the Slave will serve the user but it will act only as Slave.
Users needs to fix the Master Issue and needs to run the Master again and have to Manually Stop the Slave services as mentioned in Case : 1 to restore the FOS set up.

Table format : 

S.NoMaster FOS ServiceMaster MSP ServiceSlave FOS ServiceSlave MSP ServiceOperationNotificationResult
Case : 1UpUpUpDownNothingNoThis is default configuration.
Case : 2DownDownUpUp (Automatically UP)Master MSP Service or Master FOS Service crashed
Yes , Mail will be sent 
Refer Mail format for Case : 2 (above)

Case : 3UpUpDown (when this goes down)Down (default)Slave FoS  Service crash
Yes , Mail will be sent 
refer Mail format for Case : 3 
After secondary FOS crash.
Case 4 : DownDownDown(Acting master goes down alos)DownBoth crashedNo mails will be sent

Points to consider:

Example for Crash:  Only for these cases , mails will be sent.
1. Removing from the network connection.
2. End process tree from the task managers.

Example for no Crash: for these cases , NO mails will be sent.
1. Manual shut down of the system.
2. Manual shut down of FOS and MSP services.
3. Kill the PID.

Startup Type of the both MSP FOS and MSP services (Refer screenshot)
1. Primary MSP FOS Service - Startup Type should be Automatic.
2. Primary MSP Service - Startup Type should be Manual.
3. Secondary MSP FOS Service - Startup Type should be Automatic.
4. Secondary MSP Service - Startup Type should be Manual.


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