Unable to start the database

Failed to start the database

For the error "Failed to start the database",
  • Check what database being used and, execute changeDBServer.bat.
  • For Pgsql, 
    • Start PGSQL from the command link, execute StartDB.bat 65432 under C:\Manageengine\ServiceDesk\bin
65432 is the default port used by the bundled Postgres.

    • See if there are any errors. For the complete error list go to, C:\Manageengine\ServiceDesk\pgsql\data\pg_log. Open the file created for the specific day and perform troubleshooting accordingly. 
ServiceDesk Plus will attempt to start the database if Pgsql / Mysql is used. If the database is standalone, stop it from starting by updating the StartDB parameter to false in nms-service.xml found under C:\Manageengine\ServiceDesk\server\default\conf.

  • For MSSQL, if you encounter the following error, 
    • Check whether the database server is reachable from the application server. Check through ping / telnet
    • If it is unreachable, check whether the server that hosts the SQL server is up and running. 
    • If running, check whether the user credentials configured to connect the database has sufficient privileges. 
Common privileges required for the ServiceDesk Plus DB.


Sample traces from Serverout0.txt for the issue logging into the database. 

The issues mostly reported will be due to low disk space in the SQL server. By shrinking the transaction logs / deleting the transaction logs, you can increase the free space. 

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