"Failed Exception : Connection failure" while trying to add WebLogic monitor

"Failed Exception : Connection failure" while trying to add WebLogic monitor

  1. Check whether the WebLogic host and port is accessible via TELNET.
  2. Check if you have used the configured listener address while trying to add the monitor.
    1. Listener can be obtained under Environment -> Servers -> <myserver> -> Configuration -> General -> Listen Address field
  3. Check whether there is any firewall between WebLogic Host and the Applications Manager machine. If this is the case, then open WebLogic host and port in the Applications Manager side.
  4. Check whether Filters are enabled in Weblogic domain, and Applications Manager Host/IP is restricted.
    1. <mydomain> -> Security -> Filter
  5. Check whether the Hostname / IP address of WebLogic machine is resolvable from Applications Manager machine. The Hostname / IP address can be resolved by executing the nslookup command.
  6. Check whether the /etc/resolv.conf file (in windows it is Windows\System 32\drivers\etc\hosts file) in the Applications Manager Machine has correct domain.
  7. Enable T3 Tunneling by following the steps mentioned here.
  8. The jars might either be corrupted or outdated.  
  For version 12 and above, some WebLogic servers requires fullclient jars. Please use the jars below:
  1. Version 10       
  2. Version 12 & above

If the issue still exists, reach out to our support with the screenshot of the error obtained to appmanager-support@manageengine.com along with the latest Support Information File (SIF) from Applications Manager with print all logs enabled for analysis.
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