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Excluding ADSelfService Plus from antivirus software

Antivirus software plays a huge role in securing an organization's IT environment. Some antivirus software might not trust third-party applications, like ADSelfService Plus, and flag them as threats, which can impede how the product works. To prevent this, we recommend taking these measures:

Excluding the ADSelfService Plus login agent from antivirus software:

To be excluded: The Remcomsvc.exe (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RemComSvc.exe) file in all the end-user machines in which the ADSelfService Plus login agent will be deployed.

Reason: Some antivirus software may flag the Remcomsvc.exe file—a third-party API integral to the installation of the ADSelfService Plus login agent—as a threat during an antivirus scan. They may even delete the file from end-user machines. Without the Remcomsvc.exe file, the ADSelfService Plus login agent cannot be pushed to end-user machines from the admin portal.

Excluding ADSelfService Plus from antivirus software:

To be excluded: The ADSelfService Plus installation directory.

Reason: Certain files and folders in the ADSelfService Plus installation directory are flagged as threats and even deleted. This prevents ADSelfService Plus from working properly.
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