EWS support for TLS version above 1.0- Unable to save mail server setting when using microsoft exchange 2016

EWS support for TLS version above 1.0- Unable to save mail server setting when using microsoft exchange 2016

 By default, EWS java api only supports TLSv1.0. Though SDP application supports TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for mail fetching by default ( from 9405 ), EWS java api doesn't use the TLS versions specified in the System Properties. Thus, we are providing 1.fjar to customers to use higher versions of TLS by EWS java api.
Please find the 1.fjar in the attachments.


  1. EWS Feature doesnot support in linux builds
  2. EWS Feature doesnot work in Microsoft exchange 2016 until the above 1.f jar is placed under "<ServiceDeskPlusMSP-home>/fixes" (which is explained above)
  3. Outgoing Notifications/Reply will not work if an account/msp mail address and mail server address are not aliased.

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