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What are the steps for EventLog Analyzer instance migration from one server to another?

  1. Stop EventLog Analyzer service (Start --> Run --> type services.msc ---> Stop "ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer"). Open the command prompt and navigate to <Installation Folder>EventLog Analyzer\bin and execute the below commands:
    1. Shutdown.bat, StopDB.bat and StopSEC.bat
  2. Remove EventLog Analyzer service.
    1. Open command prompt as an administrator and navigate to <Dir>\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer\bin and execute the command - "service.bat -r"
  3. Copy the EventLog Analyzer folder from the old server and paste it into the new server (in the same location as the old one).
    1. Eg: C:\ManageEngine\EventLog Analyzer)
    2. Note: Ensure the size of the folder and UNC path is the same on both the servers.
  4. Configure EventLog Analyzer as a Service on the new server.
    1. Open the command prompt and navigate to <Dir>EventLog Analyzer\bin and execute "Service.bat -i"
  5. Start EventLog Analyzer service (Start -->Run --> services.msc --> Start the service "ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer").
    1. If you have Syslog devices configured, forward logs to EventLog Analyzer server and please assign the old server IP address to the new server or reconfigure all the Syslog devices to forward Syslogs to the new server IP address.

Note: If you were using agents for log collection and have pushed the agents from EventLog Analyzer UI during the initial setup, agents will automatically get the new IP address updated. In case the agents were installed manually, the IP address of the new server and the server name has to be updated in the registry for all the agent machines and the agent service should be restarted.


Agent Registry path:



P.S.: Please do not delete the previous installation, until the working of the installation is verified from the new location.

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