Unable to import users from AD

Unable to import users from AD

Issue - 1:
Unable to add domain:
If you are using SSL port to connect with the domain controller, then please select the checkbox if SSL is enabled and try adding once again.

Issue - 2:
Unable to fetch users from AD:
Please be noted that the user name / display name shouldn't contains the special characters listed below:
special characters will not be accepted: / \ [ ] : ; | = , * ? < > " ' ` % -- $$
Note - This special character enforcement is due to product security enforcement


From the applications manager, installed machine go to the appmanager/conf --> BlackListCommands.properties file --> edit the file --> am.name.validation.regex=  parameter --> remove the character / present in the display name --> restart the applications manager service

Now try to import the user and check if you were able to add it.

It is mandatory to take a backup of the blacklistcommands.properties file before making changes.

From the version 15990, the special character restrictions has been removed for AD display name. However, the restriction is still appicable for the username

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