Error - Sanity Failed - Upgrade from 8121 to 11

Error - Sanity Failed - Upgrade from 8121 to 11

While upgrading from 8121 to 11, after executing Updatemanager.bat and if the update fails, You need to check the Updatemanager logs in the path < Support Center Plus Application path -> Server-> Default-> Logs > . 

And if you find the below mentioned error trace in the logs, you need to follow the solution given below.

Error Trace: 
 [SEVERE] : Problem during PostgreSQL upgrade sanity failed.


In version 8121, edit the updatemanager.bat file that will be present under the Path <ManageEngine\SupportCenter\bin> folder and add the below given entry as shown in the snapshot  


After entering the entry save it and close it. 

Continue with the migration in a new setup. Make sure you do not upgrade in the failed setup again. 

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