Error Retrieving config file in OpUtils

Error Retrieving config file in OpUtils

We might get this error msg if the network connection between cisco device and OpUtils server is not configured properly or windows firewall might block the file copy to server.

To ensure this, We can try manual pushing of config file from cisco router to OpUtils Server

  1. Telnet to the Cisco Switch/Router
  2. Go to Enable mode
  3. Run the below command and input the OpUtils Server IP Address as TFTP & file name
            copy running-config tftp:
  4. Enter Tftp Server IP (OpUtils Server machine IP) & Any file name (For Ex:- Test_10Jan.config)
  5. Check the response. 
  6. If it fails then there is some problem in the network path. 
  7. If the response shows success then go to OpUtils Server machine, Go to Tftp folder (Settings-> OpUtils-> Config File Manager -> TFTP Root Directoryand check whether the file is present or not (Ex:- Test_10Jan.config)
  8. If the file is present then there is no issues in network connection or with firewall. 
  9. If issue persists even after the success response then share the above procedure screenshots to check the issue further.
Further, it may due to some other application already bind with UDP port 69 or Firewall is blocking it. Hence, make sure you not running any tftp server in OpUtils Server installed machine.

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