Enterprise Auto Patching

Enterprise Auto Patching

Auto Patch

Auto patch:
      1. The patch apply process should take a maximum of 15 minutes.
      2. Uploading the patch will trigger a restart.
      3. If a fail-over is configured for the admin server, you will need to follow the above steps for the secondary server.
      4. After applying the patch, you can verify it on the Patch Details page under Settings -> Support -> Enterprise Summary -> Patch Details.
      5. Execute the following query to check the patch status:

Follow the below steps in the Central / Admin Server:

  1.  Open to the admin server console.
  2.  Go to Settings ->  Upload Files / Binaries.
  3.  Select Upload Patch (By default, Upload Patch should be selected. If not, please select it).
  4.  Verify the patch file name. It should be in the following format: 
    BuildNumber_PatchName.zip   (Example - 170000_ServerPatch.zip).

  5.  Select the patch file and click Upload.
Once the patch is uploaded to the admin server, it will apply the patch and restart the service automatically. After the admin server is patched, the managed server will automatically download the patch from the admin server, apply it, and restart the service automatically in parallel.

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