End user Monitoring in OpManager

End user Monitoring in OpManager

This feature is to correlate and exhibit the data across our internal modules  OpManager, NetFlow Analyzer &Firewall Analyzer  from an end user perspective. 

Consider as Company(ABC)  has 'x' number of employees. Each one will have a device with different IPAddress, if the Network admin team wants to monitor the bandwidth usage or the top sites accessed by an each device(IP), we can use  'End User Monitoring' feature. 

How we are doing this? 

#1 How to get the device(IP)  details? 
Configure the ActiveDirectory details with the required user name and password. OpManager will get all the employee (end user) details from AD. 

#2 How to get the IPAddress of the end user devices? 
OpManager will listen for authentication related EventLogs from the Active Directory. If a person authenticate from a device to the AD, then OpManager will parse the eventlogs and get the username, device MAC address & corresponding IPAddress. All these data will be stored in OpManager database. If the user logs-in from another device, those data will also be added as another entry. 

#3 How to get the Bandwidth Usage? 
If a customer exports NetFlow to our OpManager installation, then using the IP Address we can get the bandwidth usage of the required user/device. 

#4 How to get the mostly accessed sites? 
Customer has to forward the Firewall logs to OpManager installation. Again, we can get the required data using IPAddress. 

#5 What is the use of Wireless Lan Controller (WLC)  in the context of End User Monitoring? 
To track the devices , we need to add Wireless Controller (WLC) device using SNMP protocol in OpManager , internally OpManger fetches the access points details from this WLC device & add it in OpManager. If a device moves from one access point to another , WLC will send traps to OPManager which is used to  track users(IP)  movement. 

#6 Do we support all WLCs? 
No. As of now, we support Aruba Wireless Lan Controller (WLC)  alone.

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