Enabling SSL in OpUtils using .PFX certificate

Enabling SSL in OpUtils using .PFX certificate

1.Start OpUtils service

2)Login to OpUtils webclient > Click on Settings (new UI) > Click on Enable Secure Communication , make a note of the SSL port ( Default port: 7443) > Save.

3)Restart OpUtils service  

4)Now SSL is enabled  with self signed  certificate, try to login with https://servername:sslport  ( ex: https:Oputils:7443), after successful login, stop OpUtils service.

5)Convert your .pfx certificate to Keystore file format using the below steps:
   a)Copy your 3rd party .PFX file to OpUtils/jre/bin folder 
   b)Run the below command with the complete file path location of the .pfx file .
      keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore "C:ManageEngine\OpUtils\jre\bin\oputils.pfx" -destkeystore    
      oputils.keystore -srcstoretype pkcs12
   c)Type in the Keystore password when prompted 
   d)Keystore file (oputils.keystore) will be created under OpUtils/jre folder, copy the file to OpUtils/conf    

6)Edit server.xml file from \OpUtils\conf\ folder using wordpad, search for keystore, update  the keystore file name and keystore password  in the next line.

7)Restart OpUtils service , now we should be able to access OpUtils with https with the above certificate.

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