ADMP Integration - Enable or Disable an User Account

ADMP Integration - Enable or Disable an User Account

Use Case:  
Automate the acitvation and deactivation of user accounts in your organization's Active Directory (AD) using a single Deluge script. Each time a request is created using a specific template, you can invoke the Deluge script to enable or disable specifc user accounts in AD using ADManager Plus API.

Steps to set it up:

1. Goto Admin > Request custom function > Global Functions. 

We will need the ADMP hosted url, AuthToken and Domain Name for establishing the connection with ADMP.  Storing these information as a global function will help us re-use these in other scripts as well.  please make use of the below script and configure it as in attached screenshot
url=" http://win7-1866:9090/";
AuthToken= "46ffd51c-4bd7-4953-86ed-39a5186a69b8";
PRODUCT_NAME="ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus";

configuration = Map();

return configuration;

2.  To collect the employee information that needs to be updated in ADManager Plus, create incident additional fields and add them to the required request template. 
You can create and gather API names of incident additional fields under  Admin >>  Incident   Management >>  Incident - Additional Field .

3. The functional part of the script has to be defined under Admin > Request custom function > Custom Action. 

Update the LDAP Field values and SDP Additional field API Field Names in the script. Ensure the LDAPFields and SDPFields are mapped correctly.

Eg: sAMAccountName is stored in udf_sline_30

4. Refer attachment for the deluge script. [FileName:  Disable_ADMP_User.txt, Enable_ADMP_User.txt]

5. With custom triggers we can configure a criteria such as ‘when a request is created or approved’ to invoke the deluge script stored in the custom function and automatically enables/disables the user account in ADMP.

Enabling the User Account

Disabling the User Account

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