Email Signtature behavior in Version 11.0.

Email Signtature behavior in Version 11.0.

In order for the email signature to work in Version 11.0, please do add the signature first and then go to Admin - Notification Rules - Replying to a Request template - Customize template and add the below variable 


Go to Home page and in the top right corner click the image of Administrator/support rep . A drop-down will appear and click on personalize where you 
need to provider the Signature and save it 

Once done, clear the browser cache and see if the signature works. 

NOTE:- You need to personalize signature for each support rep separately 
Note: In Version 8.1, this procedure is not needed. There are a lot of users who are sending us tickets asking us about the Email signature in 11.0 and we can inform the above steps to the users. 

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