Dynamically set SLA based on field values

Dynamically set SLA based on field values

SLA for service requests needs to be set depending on the category, subcategory and priority of the request.

The possibility to modify/set SLA depending on a request Field is not available in Service Request.
Also, since SLA is an editable field, requesters can change it to their convenience.  As a result, in an organisation, automatically setting the SLA based on request fields becomes more important.

Steps to configure:
1.  Download the attached scripts.  Copy the contents into Chage custom functions.

2.  Goto Admin > Change Custom Function > Global Function > New > Paste the global function contents and save it with a name.
Update the SDP configurations details in the global function.

3.  Goto Admin > Change Custom Function > Custom Function > New > Paste the Set_SLA.txt content and save it with a name
Update the global function count according to your instance

4.  Update the SLA Matrix as per your choice.  Please follow the below format.
  1. {
  2. <Category_name> : {
  3. <Subcategory_name> : {
  4. <priority_name> : <SLA_name>
  5. }
  6. }
Sample is included in the script itself.  Please follow the comments to edit the Matrix with in the script.

5.  Configure this in a custom trigger to get invoked every time a request is created. (Invoking Condition can be modified as per your requirement.)

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