Duplicate Request Using Custom Menu

Duplicate Request Using Custom Menu

Use Case:
Script to duplicate the request in a single click.

Note: For builds above 11204 duplicate_request.zip without the fjar fix.

Execution Steps:
1.  Place the attached HTML under ..\ManageEngine\Servicedesk\integration\resources - folder.

2.  Place the attached python files under  ..\ManageEngine\Servicedesk\integration\custom_scripts - folder.

3.  Configure a Request Custom Menu: Go to Admin > Request Custom Menu > give a menu name :
Action Type : Custom HTML File > duplicate_request.html  
Execute Script:  py duplicate_request.py $HTML_DATA_JSON_FILE

4.  Invoke this script from Request Details page > Actions > Menu Name.
A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to input the number of copies to be duplicated.

Note: Attached script will work for builds after 11204.
For builds prior to 11204, use the attached fjar.

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