Duplicate Child Monitors Added in Amazon Monitor

Duplicate Child Monitors Added in Amazon Monitor

Reason: When duplicate child monitors are added in Amazon monitor, it may be a result of multiple discovery threads (Amazon parent monitor) being initiated during the monitor addition. 

The issue of duplicate monitors may occur when multiple polls are initiated during the monitor addition process. We have restricted manual polls when a poll is already in progress starting from version 16470. Upgrading to version 16470 or above can prevent this issue from arising in the future. The provided fix is intended for customers using versions lower than 16470.

Fix: Follow the steps below to resolve the issue of duplicate monitors being added: 
  1. Navigate to the respective Amazon parent monitor that contains duplicate child monitors.
  2. Unmanage the parent monitor.
  3. Proceed to the corresponding table within the parent monitor showing duplicate child monitors, and delete all the child monitors of that type. You can also delete them from the Bulk Configuration view.
  4. Ensure there are no child monitors of the reported type left in that specific Amazon monitor.
  5. Manage the parent monitor again and allow automatic polling to occur. Avoid manually polling using the 'Poll Now' option.
  6. Wait for the polling to finish and observe the setup. Duplicate monitors should not be added again.

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