DST changes-NFA reports one hour behind.

DST changes-NFA reports one hour behind.

Daylight Savings Time changes affects Java applications and make them to report one hour behind to the actual time. Customers facing this issue please follow the steps below to fix the issue.

Please follow the below steps and check on the issue:

1. Download the TimeZoneUpdater.zip from the below given link or attached with the thread and extract it in <NetFlow_Home> Directory, this will create a folder TimeZoneUpdater.


2. Right click on command prompt and run it Administrator, Navigate using command prompt to <NetFlow_Home>/TimeZoneUpdater>

3. Now execute the command ..\jre\bin\java -cp time.jar Time.  This has to return the timezone that has been set in the system.

4. If the timezone result given by the above command is different, then proceed to step 5

5. Reset the timezone back to the original or proper timezone in the server.

6.Right click on command prompt and run it Administrator, Navigate using command prompt to <NetFlow_Home>/TimeZoneUpdater

7. Now execute the command ..\jre\bin\java -jar tzupdater.jar --update --verbose

8. Now execute the time.jar as in step 3 and the timezone result should be the same as the server.

9. Restart the NetFlow Analyzer service.
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