DNS node restoration

DNS node restoration

A DNS zone is comprised of several DNS nodes housing domain-related information. RecoveryManager Plus can back up all DNS nodes in a particular DNS zone and restore them to any previously backed-up state. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to restoring the backed-up DNS nodes using RecoveryManager Plus.

To restore DNS nodes in bulk in a particular DNS zone  

  1. Navigate to Active Directory > Active Directory > Rollback.

  1. Click Start New Rollback in the top-right corner.

  1. From the Domain drop-down, select the domain in which you wish to execute the rollback process.

  1. In the Select Rollback Point field, select the desired rollback point by clicking the  icon. In the pop-up that appears, select the required rollback point and click OK.

  1. Click the  icon in the OUs field.

  1. Select the DNS Zone from which you want to restore DNS nodes.

  1. In the Object Type field, select the object type(s) that you wish to roll back from the drop-down box. In the pop-up that appears, click DNS > DNS Node and select the attributes. Click Save.

  1. Click Identify Changes.

  1. The next screen shows the DNS objects with values that have been modified since the selected backup point. Click Rollback to complete the rollback process.


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