Customize Logon-to Domain List

How to customize the Logon-to Domain List in the ADSelfService Plus?


Does your IT environment involve multiple domains?

ADSelfService Plus gives you, the administrator, the liberty to customize the end-user logon page. You can create a drop-down list for the available domains in the user logon page to help the user choose the domain they wish to log on to.

      1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus admin console.
      2. Navigate to the Admin tab.
      3. Click CustomizeLogon SettingsGeneral.
      4. Enable the Show the Domain Selection Drop-Down Menu in the Login Page checkbox.
Note: Click Configure Domain List to select the domains you want to be displayed in the drop-down on the login page. If you don’t want any domain name as the default value, you can select the Show ‘Select Domain’ as default value checkbox at the bottom.
      5. Click Save to store the configured settings.

Customizing the domain list for the ADSelfService Plus mobile app/site

ADSelfService Plus gives you, the admin, the privilege to customize the domain list for the mobile app/site as well. This way, when the end user logs in through their mobile devices, they can choose a domain from the drop-down list in the logon page just as they do from their workstations.

To configure the domain list for mobile:
      1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus admin console.
      2. Browse to Admin > Customize > Logon Settings > Mobile Settings.
      3. Check the Show the Domain Selection Drop-Down Menu in the Login Page checkbox.
      4. Click Configure Domains and select the domains you want to be displayed on the logon page.
Note: If you don’t want to set any domain as the default value, check the Show 'Select Domain' as default value checkbox at the bottom.
      5. Click Save to save your settings.

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