Device Type details not displayed in IP Address Manager

Device Type details not displayed in IP Address Manager


For the monitored IPs under IP Address Manager, the Device Type feild is empty or not defined.




OpUtils fetches the Device Type details from Active Directory (AD).


By design, from the DNS table, OpUtils fetches the IP and it's associated device's DNS name.


OpUtils scans the AD and fetches the DNS name and Device type details only.


For OpUtils to display the Device Type in its console,

  • The device should have a DNS name in a DNS server.

  • The DNS Server should have been associated with a AD.


OpUtils might display an empty or not defined value for the Device Type data if,


Scenario 1: Device does not have a DNS name



The IP for which Device Type is not being displayed, does not have a DNS name entry for its associated device, in its DNS server. I.e, IP > DNS not resolved.



Add a DNS name entry for the device, in your DNS server.

Scenario 2: Device is not in AD



DNS name entry for the device is in the DNS server for the IP whose Device Type is not being displayed.  I.e, IP –> DNS resolution was sucessfull.


However, the Device is not associated with the AD which OpUtils scans to fetch the Device Type data.Thus, OpUtils can not map your IP to its Device Type.


Solution: Add your device to the AD.
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