Device Expert_old

Device Expert_old

Note: These steps are only application over the Device Expert build 5990 with Postgres database. Also take the backup of complete DeviceExpert_Home directory after stopping the Device Expert service and proceed with the below steps.

Stop the Device Expert service first and follow the below steps.

Take a Backup of the entire DeviceExpert folder before starting Data migration.

1.Use the above link to download the zip file under <DeviceExpert> directory.

2.Extract the directly under ./<DeviceExpert_Home> directory using 'Extract Here' and select the directory location as <DeviceExpert_Home> . Please ensure 'ncmmigration' folder is present in the directory.

3.Open command prompt and run the script file DeviceExpert\ncmmigration>sh ( For Liunx )

Open command prompt and run the batch file DeviceExpert\ncmmigration>BackupDE.bat ( For Windows )

4.Once backup is done, Kindly copy the folder ncmmigration fully and paste it under <NCM 12200> directory.


1. Install Fresh setup NCM 12200 and wait for 5 mins for the service to start.

Windows 32bit        Windows 64bit        Linux 32bit        Linux 64bit

2. Open Command Prompt as Administrator and navigate OpManager_Home/pgsql/bin and execute below to connect to the database:

For Windows    :   psql -U postgres -p 13306 -h -d OpManagerDB
For Linux        :   ./psql -U postgres -p 13306 -h -d OpManagerDB

3. Execute the query \d+  RelationalCriteria  and note the highlighted criteria and remove the constraint for the column value

Execute the below query to delete the constraint:

ALTER TABLE RelationalCriteria DROP CONSTRAINT relationalcriteria_81434961_c;

3. Stop the OpManager service and paste the ncmmigration folder under <OpManager> directory ( Copied from <DeviceExpert> )

Download the AdvNCM.jar file from the below link and replace it under OpManager_Home/lib

5. Open command prompt and run the script file OpManager\ncmmigration>sh ( For Linux )

Open command prompt and run the batch file OpManager\ncmmigration>UpgradeToNCM12.bat ( For Windows )

6. Data Migration Process will start.

7. Once restore is done, Please start the Server and check the configuration data.

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