Department head details

Department head details

This report is used to get the complete list of Department and the department head configured in the application

SELECT dept.deptid "Department ID",
       dept.deptname "Department Name",
       dept.phoneno "Phone No",
       dept.fax "Fax", "Site Name",
       aa.first_name "Department Head",
       dept.deptdesc "Department Description",
       da.first_name "Approver" FROM departmentdefinition dept
LEFT JOIN sduser sd ON sd.userid=dept.deptheadid
LEFT JOIN aaauser aa ON aa.user_id=sd.userid
LEFT JOIN sitedefinition site ON site.siteid=dept.siteid
LEFT JOIN sdorganization sdorg ON sdorg.org_id=site.siteid
LEFT JOIN RoleToUserMapping rum ON dept.deptid=rum.EntityValue
LEFT JOIN aaauser da ON rum.userid=da.user_id

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