Delete Asset from csv file

Delete Asset from csv file

Requirement: Delete all the assets.
Use Case: Deleting the assets with a resource ID based on user requirements.

Please review the revised text below with improved grammar:

1. Download the attachment and place the "1.fjar" file under the "fixes" directory. If the directory does not exist, please create it under the installation directory.
2. Restart the server to load the changes. Once the application is up, please log in to the application with a technician who has the SDAdmin role.
3. Go to the "Report" tab and select "New Query Report."
4. Execute the query attached below (sampleQueryReport) and export the results as a CSV file.
5. Download and open the index.html file in any text editor or Visual Studio Code. Replace the URL and save it to the desktop or any desired location.
6. Access the index.html file and click on the "Choose File" button to select and upload the CSV file. After selecting the file, click on the "Upload" button to start the operation.
7. Once the process has successfully executed, the browser will display "Deletion of Success IDs: ()." If any errors occur, "Deletion of Success IDs: ()" will be displayed in the browser.

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