Data is not being properly populated for Tomcat 5 and above versions in APM. How can I check for correct data?

Data is not being properly populated for Tomcat 5 and above versions in APM. How can I check for correct data?

To check whether data collected properly or not, access the below URLs :

For versions below 5.x:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/adventnet/DataServlet


For Versions 5.x and above:        

Server Info:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/status   


JVM & Thread Info:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/status?XML=true


JDBC Data: 

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/jmxproxy?qry=*:type=DataSource,*


Memory pool Data:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/jmxproxy?qry=java.lang:type=MemoryPool,*


Web Application Data:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/jmxproxy?qry=*:type=Manager,*


Tomcat Web Data:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/jmxproxy?qry=*:type=GlobalRequestProcessor,*


Class Loading:

http://<Tomcat Host>:<Port>/manager/jmxproxy?qry=java.lang:type=ClassLoading

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