Data collection is not happening in my Oracle EBS monitor.

Data collection is not happening in my Oracle EBS monitor.

Error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; Missing whitespace before SYSTEM literal URI.

Note: We have supported only the following versions of E-Business Suite Version 11i, 12.0, 12.2.0

You can use the following URLs to verify the data for the respective versions. Access the corresponding URL and check the output of the Spy servlet in XML format.

Servlet and URLs used for Troubleshooting:

Version 11i -
Servlet ---> AggreSpy
URL ---> http://EBS hostName:port/dms0/AggreSpy
Version 12.0 -
Servlet ---> Spy
URL ---> http://EBShostname:port/dms0/Spy?format=xml
Version 12.2.0 -
Servlet ---> Spy
URL ---> http://EBSHostName:port/dms/Spy?format=xml

Note: Format of XML data differ for each version of EBS. So need to check the format of XML data

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